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Continuation of Business


Alvatec Production and Sales GesmbH terminated his business. The company AlfaVakuo e.U. offers immediately following products and services of Alvatec:

  • Metal Vapour Sources (AS - AlfaSources)
  • Barium Getter (ATG - AlfaTubeGetter)
  • Sorpion and outgassing measurments
  • Consulting for and vacuum insulation and getter solutions

Please contact office@alfavakuo.eu or www.alfavakuo.eu



Alvatec Production and Sales GesmbH is a high-tech metallurgical company specializing in the processing of alkali and alkali earth metals. The company is located in Griffen / Austria

We produce and develop getter materials and metal vapour sources for vacuum applications, e.g opto-electronical devices, electron tubes, cryogenic tank systems and solar receiver tubes.


Our Products

Alvasources (metal vapour sources)

Tube Getter with Barium or Titan

Zircon Getter

Measurements and consulting for getter, vacuum and outgassing